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Private Hernia Surgery

An (incomplete) list of private hernia surgery facilities in the UK in alphabetical order. If you want to be added to the list complete our Form.

Baddow Hospital                          Chelmsford, Essex
British Hernia Centre                  London
Foscote Private Hospital            Banbury,  Oxfordshire
Hernia Surgery Scotland            Edinburgh
London Hernia                              London
Mark Tomlinson                            Lancaster    
Oaks Hospital                                 Colchester, Essex
Oxford Hernia Clinic                    Oxford
The Holly Private Hospital         Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Some thoughts...

Prices start from £1850 - £2500 depending on the type of procedure. Regency Health quote £2,500 for Hernia Repair (Sunday Times 15th April 2018). We know that the average salary in the UK is £27,600 at time of writing (January 2018), so...

Given that you may in in pain or incapacitated and unable to earn for several months while waiting for a National Health Service operation, private surgery makes economic sense for any waiting list longer than a month for the average employed person (27,600/12) = £2,300.
We know from patient feedback that Inguinal hernia surgery is far and away beneficial to patient outcomes:
    'Its one of the operations that I do that people seem to derive most benefit from in terms of improving their symptoms'
     - Dr Jonathan Earnshaw Consultant Surgeon Cheltenham General Hospital.

Not only will you typically be able to have faster surgery, but your surgeon may well be a specialist hernia surgeon.  This is important given that lack of hernia surgery expertise is  mentioned in at least one academic study as a factor in recurrence rates -specialist expertise matters.

Our own personal conclusion:
If you are working, it doesn't take much of an economic case to justify a private operation, especially if you are in pain. If you are retired and relatively fit having a hernia operation now may be good planning for the future when other ailments may complicate a relatively straight-forward operation. You are more likely be operated on by a experienced surgeon doing hernia repair (herniorrhaphy or hernioplasty) regulary with private hernia surgery.

N.B. This is personal, non-medical commentary. Blueray Pharma Ltd receive no referral fee, affiliate link or any business benefit from any organisations mentioned in this list.