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Comfortable Hernia Support Garments that looks like regular briefs...

We provide a full range of modern-styled hernia support garments and  to reduce discomfort, assist in hernia recovery or 'watch and wait' advice from your doctor. Instead of looking  'mummified', our range allows people with inguinal hernias (the most common hernia)  to go about their normal lives with no outwardly visible medical garment on display. Our Orione hernia briefs are particularly suitable for inguinal hernias and replaces the truss which does not always stay on the site of the hernia.

Our compression hernia briefs are suitable for reductible, inguinal hernias and provide immediate relief for people with chronic or ongoing hernia management. Our products are high quality, ISO 9001 certified and from a company that has been established for 70 years. A modern solution for a very old problem.



Our Inguinal Hernia Brief #316 is now available on Prescription

We are pleased to announce that  our #316 Hernia
Support brief is available on Prescription in
the NHS Drugs Tariff publication for UK customers.

This follows an application process of nearly 11
months which included trials and
evidence-based assessment.

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Patients: Get NHS Hernia Briefs on prescription




#316 Hernia Support Brief

Available at all these UK pharmacies and many independents.