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Psyllium Husks

 An excellent source of
soluble dietary fibre
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Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19.

Q: Why do you not ship to my country now?

A:  We have restricted sales to just customers in Europe and the UK where delivery expectations are manageable. If you live in the USA, Canada or Australia many of your compatriots are unaware of the restrictions in cargo across the Atlantic and Pacific. Virtually all passenger aircraft are not flying, airmail cannot go in these cargo holds yet customers are still expecting goods within pre-pandemic service levels and are not prepared to wait a few days and sometimes weeks longer. Goods are arriving, just slowly. Some customers were demanding refunds before goods have left the UK!  We ship promptly - as we have always done but we cannot operate a business like this, so for now,  if you do not see your delivery country in the checkout this is why. Sorry, we are losing out on your business too. When customers have adjusted to new shipping times we will sell internationally again.  We will not make exceptions as we are just to busy to do this. 

Q: Why are some goods out of stock?

A: Our factory is in northern Italy and has operational difficulties and has faced temporary closure - although it is now returning to normal with new operating restrictions. So this has naturally caused a reduction to supply.  The restrictions on UK non-elective hernia surgery have also caused an increase in demand as new customers who did not consider a brief necessary now appreciate the benefits.
  Both of these factors have caused backorders, cancellations and goods-out-of-stock in a volatile inventory setting. We are working through these problems as fast as we can. My apologies if you have been affected by this. If you have ordered and the product is on a back-order you can either swop for an alternative in the same size (and have a small refund if it is more), wait approx 2-3 weeks for a stock delivery from Italy or a full/part refund of your choice.

As soon as stock arrives it will go on sale; as soon as we spend a much smaller percentage of our day explaining the pandemic shipping times we will ship worldwide again.

Thank you.