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Dr D Wynn Jones FRCS

 "The hernia support brief garment is
excellent and I would recommend
it to any 
patient who while
for surgery needed
comfortable support"

Pharmacy Ordering for Orione Hernia Brief #316

Pharmacists - Notice about the future supply of Orione Hernia Brief 316

Our Orione Hernia Brief, Hernia support garment (Model #316) was available on prescription from the NHS Drugs Tariff
We appeared in  Part IXA - Appliances (England,Wales and Northern Ireland)  and Part 3 Appliances PDF (page 256) of the
Scottish Drugs Tariff. 
 Search key words were 'ORIONE HERNIA BRIEF'

Effective from 29th Feb 2024 we have made the decision to withdraw from the Drugs Tariff as it is economically not cost-effective
to sell, nor have we the mechanism to raise our prices to anywhere close to what is required.

This product will not be available for sale to Pharmacists or Specials Suppliers with immediate effect. It is however available
for sale on this site if you have a Purchasing Card / Debit or Credit Card but not reimbursible from 29th Feb 2024.

Available for Retail Sale Here  

Benefits of our Orione #316 Hernia Brief?

  • By retaining the hernia in a reducible state, patients quality of life is improved in the short-term
  • Long-term surgical outcomes are improved because the patient enters surgery with a smaller hernia.
  • A design-led, support garment that looks like normal underwear, encouraging wearers to actually wear them.
  • Same-day dispatch to 3pm Monday-Friday using Tracked 24

Technical Details

100% Cotton/Elastan weave.
For unilateral or bilateral inguinal
hernia. Male version only -
female version is
also available.


Model / Size Waist (cm) Waist (Inches)
316-2 76-80 30.5"-31.5"
316-3 81-85 31.5"-33.5"
316-4 86-90 33.5"-35.5"
316-5 91-95 35.5"-37.5"
316-6 96-100 37.5"-39.5"
316-7 101-105 39.5"-41.5"
316-8 106-110 41.5"-43.5"
316-9 111-115 43.5"-45.5"
316-10 116-120 45.5"-47.5"