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Hernia symptoms

7) Hernia Symptoms - What are they and what to do next

Firstly, this is written by a lay-person - not a medical doctor and is not medical advice. We follow all recommendations from the Royal College of Surgeons. If you suspect after reading this that you have an inguinal hernia you should seek an immediate medical diagosis to confirm it.

Likely Symptoms of an Inguinal Hernia

1) You may see a small bulge below the belly button and above the pubis (marble to walnut size).
2) You have a dragging or aching effect that disipates when you are prone (i.e. asleep).
3) You did some recent unusual physical activity or strain that might have put pressure on that area of your anatomy.
4) You can gently press the lump back into the abdomen without any undue pain.
5) You may present with no pain (approx 30% of cases)
6) You are  male and middle-aged.

Symptoms of a strangulated hernia which are much more serious and require immediate medical attention

1) Fever, sweating , chills or nausea feelings.
2) Vomiting.
3) Blood in stool.
4) Unable to have a bowel movement
5) Hernia site is discoloured, i.e. red , purple or dark.
6) Direct pain at hernia site.
7) Severe constipation.
8) Rapid heart rate.

How we can help once you have a diagnosis of an Inguinal Hernia...

We can supply you with a modern compression brief designed specifically for this condition. By applying constant, comfortable pressure to a reducible hernia you will feel less discomfort and the hernia has less chance of enlarging via gravity and general abdominal movement. Your hernia size should not increase and you will present to your surgeon with the best possible outcome. (Good surgical outcomes are inversley proportional to the size of the hernia).