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Hernia Truss? There is a better way! 

The hernia truss has been used since medieval times, in fact they are still available -  although not on this site! 
At we believe it is time for a change - with the exception of the hernia truss there are virtually no medical instruments or devices that have not changed radically since the 13th Century.  

In a BBC 4 programme on Medieval life, BBC presenter Helen Castor meets Archaeologist Roberta Gilchrist from the University of Reading at the Museum of London where an extraordinary skeleton is stored from around 1400. 

 BBC Presenter Helen Castor

When discussing how people were buried in medieval times and what they would expect, Helen asks Roberta 
"Inside the shroud the body would be naked?" 

 Archaeologist Roberta Gilchrist  

"That's the theory" says Helen "but there's increasing archaeological evidence for a clothed burial especially where the person needed assistance to help them through purgatoryThis is a mature man in his mid forties or older but we have the remarkable survival in this case that around his pelvis is a textile item and you can see the buckles that are used to hold the textile to his body - a hernia truss.

Obviously during the middle ages a  hernia could not be operated on so they found a way of making one "

  Roberta and Helen looking at the skeleton 

"He has died literally holding it in place , its so moving to see his hands laid over you can almost see him in life holding on"  says Helen.  

 The worlds oldest hernia truss?

 Don't 'hold on' or go through purgatory - purchase a modern solution today!
No Truss - No Fuss.