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 "The hernia support brief garment is
excellent and I would recommend
it to any 
patient who while
for surgery needed
comfortable support"

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BBC Radio 4's Inside Health Program on 1st Feb 2017 
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Hernia Medical Advice

If you are experiencing sudden, intense pain in your abdomen or groin that you suspect may be a hernia, contact your doctor immediately or visit the Emergency Dept. This site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Only your surgeon can diagnose and appropriately treat your hernia.

Customers write: 

Comfortable hernia support garments that look like regular briefs...

We provide a full range of modern-styled inguinal hernia support underwear which reduce discomfort minimise hernia expansion, assist in hernia recovery and 'watch and wait' advice from your doctor. Instead of looking  'wrapped up', our range allows people with inguinal hernias (the most common hernia)  to go about their normal lives with no outwardly visible medical garment on display. Our Orione hernia briefs are designed specifically for inguinal hernias and replaces the hernia truss which does not always stay in place and has remained unchanged since medieval times.

If you are offered surgery for your hernia, you will invariably have a better surgical outcome by wearing some sort of compression-type hernia brief because the hernia has little chance to expand with gentle, constant pressure onto the hernia site. Read the most common open-source medical literature on inguinal hernia. Our customers tell us that it is the best hernia brief they have purchased.

Our compression hernia briefs are suitable for reductible, inguinal hernias and provide immediate relief for people with chronic or ongoing hernia management. Our products are high quality, ISO 9001 certified and from a company that has been established for 91 years. A modern solution for a very old medical truss problem. All our Orione briefs are designed to be worn all day as normal underwear.

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Our Inguinal Hernia Brief #316 is available on Prescription

Our mainstream #316 Hernia Support brief is available on Prescription in the
National Health Service Drugs Tariff publication for UK customers.

This followed an application process of nearly 11 months which included efficacy trials
and a rigorous evidence-based assessment.

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Patients: Get National Health Service Hernia Briefs on prescription


Orione Hernia Brief #316



#316 Hernia Support Brief


Where to get your prescription for Orione Hernia Brief fulfilled... 

Available on prescription at all UK Pharmacy chains and independent Pharmacists. Typically a 24-hour turnaround from the presentation of your prescription to the Pharmacist. Ignore any 4-5 day generic quote from your Pharmacist - we dispatch daily. 

Pharmacists can order direct from us and pay the Drugs Tariff Price (which includes Tracked Next Day) or one of the many DAC or Specials Suppliers that know of or physically hold our product in stock.