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Q: The size I require is not in stock - when will it be back in stock?
A:  Our inventory status is maintained with real-time updates 24x7. If it says out-of-stock we have none left and typically reorder within 6-8 weeks. When Inventory arrives it is updated immediately and any backorders taken are shipped in a first-come-first-served queue. 

Q: I am a UK Pharmacist, how do I get your product?
If you have a means of payment ordering online will be your cheapest & fastest method. This product is not reimbursable nor available on the NHS Drugs Tariff. 

Q: I have just ordered the wrong size can you amend it for me before your ship it?
A: We have done everything in our power to automate the ordering process to ensure that goods ship out the same day wherever possible. To this end it is not practical to interrupt the ordering process as it has typically shipped by the time we read the email.

Q: Is it possible to buy a size outside of the size range that you specify?
A: Sorry, no our widest range is the 316 model which goes to 120cm (47.5").  Our narrowest waist is 76cm (30"")

Q: Can I wear my hernia briefs post-surgery?

A: Yes, all briefs can be worn post-surgery as there is a small possibility of recurrence or even hernia surgery on the other side of
the abdomen. Before wearing you should be aware of the following caveats: 

1) Check with your surgeon/GP first regarding the localised healing time of the wound site as you do not want to put even pressure on the
     site until completely healed. 
2) Wear without the foam pads as general support is needed not direct pressure.

Q: Do you ship to <your country>?
A: We may do.  Europe, some countries in Asia. If you don't find your country in the destination country select-box at checkout it's because the postal system of that country does not have a reciprocal agreement with Royal Mail for tracked mail. In the absence of this, the liability and blame fall (unfairly) on us so we will not ship to these countries. We show two 3rd party couriers here who can help. In particular, we have experienced a high percentage of non-deliveries in India (verbose and unclear addresses) and Gulf states (customs) so neither of these regions is served.

Q: Can the briefs be worn all day?
A: Yes, all our briefs are designed to be worn comfortably all day. 

Q: Do you supply foam pads separately?
A: No, unfortunately, we don't supply more than 2 x foam pads per box. These are integral items and are not supplied separately.
The compressed foam pads supplied are similar in density to many other packaging foam so it is possible to use the existing foam as
a template and create your own. 

Q: My Doctor does not know how/where to prescribe this product?
A: Our Orione Hernia Brief, Hernia support garment (Model #316) was available on prescription from the National Health Service Drugs Tariff until 29th Feb 2024. We appeared in  Part IXA - Appliances (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)  and Part 3 Appliances PDF of the
Scottish Drugs Tariff. 
 We have withdrawn from the National Health Service Drugs Tariff because it was not economic to continue.

Q: Can I return the brief if it doesn't fit?

A: No, All our products are considered 'Final Sale' for hygiene reasons. Returns & Exchanges are not permitted. You will have to tick a check-box to this effect at Checkout. We have no means of determining If you have worn or not worn them. The UK Distance Selling Regulations Act 2000 (used by many other high-street retailers) covers this exemption. We provide comprehensive advice to assist you prior to purchase to help you get this right. 

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit and debit cards including Amex.
Please read our Payments and Security Page for more information. We do not offer Paypal as they tend to unfairly retain supplier balances.

Q: What are the foam pads and how do they fit?

A: You will receive two shaped foam pads for the following garments (#313, #316, #515, #516, #536, #560).
The pads are optional but recommended on the side(s) of the groin with the hernia. The foam pad maximum depth is 11.3cm, maximum width 11.4cm with variable width in-between these approximate figures.  The pad fits into a sewn pouch on either side of the inside of the brief. if you are wearing your briefs post-operation (in consultation with your surgeon) you will not need the pads but the additional support will be of benefit, you just do not require direct pressure on the wound site. 

Q: How do you fit the pads?
A: All the pads are the same, essentially a teardrop shape with a single flat edge. Insert the foam pad tear-drop face downwards. It may be a tight fit but it can be left in the garment during washes.

Q: What is the latest time that you can dispatch my order?
A: We dispatch up to 3pm GMT Monday to Friday with the exception of UK Bank-Holidays. This is not a guarantee, but likely to happen.
     Your order will be shipped using Royal Mail Tracked 24 service which is anticipated (but not guaranteed) to arrive the following day. We
     understand that you may be in pain and try and ship promptly wherever possible.

Q: How will my package arrive?
A: Your package will arrive (for UK customers) via the Royal Mail, typically with your existing post.
You will typically receive a 30cm x 17cm x 6cm anonymous and reinforced cardboard outer clam-shell type box (for Qty 1)  
or 39cm x 28cm x 6 cm box ( Qty 2).  Both these boxes are larger than the dimensions of a typical UK letterbox so expect Royal Mail to

knock on the door unless alternative local arrangements apply.

Q: I've just ordered - what happens now?
A: You should receive an email confirmation of your order if you provided an email address on checkout. We dispatch up to 3pm GMT Monday to Friday with the exception of UK Bank Holidays. This is not a guarantee, but extremely likely.  When the order has physically shipped you will receive another email, this time a shipping confirmation when your order is physically shipped. This will contain a tracking number which can typically be checked from about 7pm GMT onwards on the date of dispatch. The link for this is in your email confirmation but is typically similar to the link below...

Q: My parcel has not arrived?
A: You can claim compensation from Royal Mail in the following circumstances:      

Royal Mail Tracked  A minimum of 7 Working days from the expected delivery date has already passed
and no later than 80 working days from the dispatch date.
EU Destinations The earliest date that you can apply for compensation is 20 working days
after the expected delivery date.
Rest-of-World Destinations The earliest date that you can apply for compensation is 25 working days 
after the expected delivery date 
for rest-of-world destinations.

Q: How do I wash these briefs?

A:  We recommend a machine-wash  cool wash (and preferably a low-spin) will have no degradation of the garment
with regards to size or material change apart from normal material degradation over time. 

Q: Do you provide a paper catalogue or order forms?
A: Sorry no, it is not cost-effective to produce a catalogue for such a small range and all information that we would put in a catalogue is available on this website. If you have reservations about internet security, you are welcome to send a cheque and paper order to the address on this site
BUT it 1) must include the correct price including P&P visible at the checkout and 2) have a clear delivery address.  Your order will be delayed while the cheque clears.  You are welcome to order over the telephone during normal UK business hours  

Q: Can you swim in these briefs?
A: Sorry no, they are not designed for swimming, chlorine or saltwater will almost certainly affect the tension of the briefs.

Q: Can you run a Marathon/Triathlon in these briefs?
A: You probably could, but they are not designed for it, nor is it recommended.