A simple hernia guide
written by a Doctor.
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22 January 2016  |  Rob

Example ImageAn email received from a customer in May 2015

"I went to my doctor when my hernia was small and he said carry on as normal, we will refer you to have it operated on. In no time the hernia grew and I could hardly do any physical activity at all and was in a lot of pain. Being a builder this meant I was in dire straights as I could not work. My doctor had no knowledge of ongoing  hernia care, so I turned to the internet.  After days of research I phoned hernia pants, after talking to Rob I felt reassured about buying a pair.
It was the best result I could imagine , From the moment I put them on I felt relief and could continue to earn a living.  I have gone back to my doctor and told him about hernia pants and I am getting my next pair on the NHS. The best investment I have ever made  .Thanks a lot Rob ,all the best