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Pharmacists FAQ Page

Q: What are the benefits of an Inguinal Hernia Brief compared with a Truss?
A:  Firstly, there is no fitting cost and the hernia cannot escape the gentle compression within a design of a compression underwear garment, unlike a truss. Customers find the brief much easier to manage as it is worn as normal underwear. The hernia is retained gently in the abdomen throughout the day, supported by a foam pad and three types of elastane/cotton weave that specifically retain the inguinal area. It is suitable for both direct and indirect inguinal hernia and cheaper than a truss. 
We have been selling these briefs in the UK for over 8 years. In the numerous conversations with patients who have tried a truss and moved to a compression brief none have ever gone back to a Truss, in fact, we have endorsements from customers that confirm that our design is much better. 

Q: Are they any edge cases for a patient with an inguinal hernia where a Hernia Compression Brief would NOT be suitable?
A: Yes, if the inguinal hernia has descended into the scrotum over time then our briefs would probably not be suitable.
The hernia must be reducible into the abdomen with gentle massage/pressing.

Q: Where can I find your listing in the Drugs Tariff? 
Our Orione Hernia Brief, Hernia support garment (Model #316) is available on prescription from the National Health Service Drugs Tariff
We appear in  Part IXA - Appliances (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)  and Part 3 Appliances PDF of the 
Scottish Drugs Tariff.  Search keywords are 'ORIONE HERNIA BRIEF'.
Orders are typically dispatched by Tracked 24 to the Pharmacy 24 hours or less from presentation of the prescription to the Pharmacist,

Q: Is there a female version of this product?
A: There is only a male product available on prescription due to the 10:1 likelihood between male to female with this condition.
However, we do sell an Inguinal Hernia brief specifically for women here.

Q: What studies have been done on the efficacy of this product?
A: The product passed a rigorous 9 month application process as part of its application to the General Pharmaceutical Council.  This tested its efficacy, practical purpose, competition, price, customer feedback and included an endorsement from a General Surgeon with his own Inguinal Hernia.

Q: How many can I prescribe per calendar year?
A:  Our briefs are worn as normal underwear next to the skin daily so in line with similar products the Pharmacy Council suggests 3 briefs per calendar year.