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#357 Umbilical Hernia belt (Adult)

#357 Umbilical Hernia belt (Adult)
Our Price:  £47.16

Model:  357-5

An umbilical hernia is a result of weakness in the muscles in or around your belly button. This can cause the belly button to pop outwards and can happen at any age.

Our umbilical hernia belt retains your hernia in a reducible state, with support all the way around, easing pain and ensuring that before an operation the hernia has less chance of enlarging and making the condition worse.
Sizing (in cm) when measured directly around the belly button.

A high-quality adult umbilical hernia belt to contain an umbilical hernia. Suitable for pre or post surgery under the direction of your doctor. Two brass straps provide adjustment. The Elastan-weave belt is fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. Simply measure directly around the hernia. The actual hernia retaining pad is soft padded calf-leather with quality stitching throughout. You are purchasing a quality hand-stitched and finished garment.

This high-quality garment consists of a belt that is 15.5 cm or 6" in height with two adjustable straps allowing another 10 cm of adjustment for securing at the rear. The fabric is completely stretchable and adjustable with two securing metal fasteners. Exact waist measurement is not a prerequisite as the dimensions are adjustable. Measure directly around your umbilical hernia (which may be slightly larger than your normal waist size) and select the most appropriate size.

The centre of the belt has a padded soft calf-leather surrounding a spherical foam pad that is anatomically shaped to sit in the region of an umbilical hernia. The garment weighs 193g. Material is 60% Cotton, 29% Elastan, 11% Polyester.

As a guide - the absolute borderline maximum size diameter around your hernia would be a measurement of no more than 135 cm which would be a 125 cm model fitting and allowing 10 cm of adjustment.

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