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Psyllium Husks

 An excellent source of
soluble dietary fibre
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How to use Royal Mail Safeplace on Checkout

For UK Customers we provide a Safeplace input box on the checkout so that you can describe what the postman/woman should do if you are not in. This helps ensure that you get your parcel on the first delivery attempt.

Do enter:

     Simple, clear and unambigious instructions about what to do if you are not in.
     e.g. 'Leave in Green Box' or 'Leave with No 37'.

Do not enter:

  •   Phone Numbers - The Royal Mail will not telephone or text you.
  •   Your Email address - Royal Mail will not email you.
  •   Vague and ambigious text such as "leave somewhere dry and safe".
  •   A location that would be dangerous for the Postal worker to reach or exposed to weather.

Customers can ask for items to be left in any secure, weatherproof area of the property, as long as it is easily accessible for Royal Mail. Alternatively, you can nominate a near neighbour to receive delivery of the item.

If there is any doubt a P739 'Something for you' card will be put through the letter box and the item will be returned to your local delivery office.
You can arrange for redelivery or pick up the parcel in person.

You cannot nominate a Safeplace and a Signature service. Most of our shipping methods do not require a signature.