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Hernia Medical Advice

If you are experiencing sudden, intense pain in your abdomen or groin that you suspect may be a hernia, contact your doctor immediately or visit the Emergency Dept. This site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Only your surgeon can diagnose and appropriately treat your hernia.

Hernia Briefs on Prescription

How to get hernia support briefs on National Health Service (NHS) prescription...

Assuming that you are a UK taxpayer and resident in the UK:

1) Measure accurately around your waist.
Use the top of your existing brief line to determine a tight and accurate waist measurement, ideally in centimetres.  If you are abdominally obese measure under the belly.

2) Get a clinical diagnosis of 'Inguinal Hernia' from your GP.
Our compression briefs are only designed to put direct pressure on the inguinal canal area of the male abdomen. If you have an umbilical hernia we have a model to fit you (but this is unavailable on prescription).  If you have a femoral or incisional hernia we cannot help you.

3) Ask your GP to prescribe 'Orione Hernia Brief' from Section IXA Appliances of the England & Wales Drugs Tariff or Part 3 Appliances PDF of the Scottish Drugs Tariff.
Unless you have other medical conditions or your particular local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has financial rationing issues this should be freely available on prescription. Wearing our briefs will mitigate the condition worsening and reduce any pain by gently retaining the hernia inside the abdomen. Some GPs may be unaware of this product due to the sheer size of the Drugs Tariff.  In a very small number of local NHS Trusts some products on the Drugs Tariff are not available. 

4) Determine if the Prescription electronic or paper-based?

An electronic prescription will go to the GPs prefered Pharmacist which may not know how to order it for you. 
Lloyds, Boots, Rowlands, Well, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and other chains will all use their preferred 3rd party warehouse.

5) If all else fails you can purchase from us directly and we will dispatch promptly from stock. As the sole UK distributor, they will be available nowhere else. Based on customer feedback and the lifestyle benefit and pain relief we are very confident you will consider them excellent value for money even if you are not getting them on prescription. Your local Clinical Commissioning Group may ration our product and your GP will not be able to override this. This is our opinion, a misguided decision that ends up costing the NHS more in the long-term. This opinion was shared on BBC Radio 4's Inside Health program by a leading NHS hernia surgeon.